There is no “cookie-cutter” or standardized approach to professional organizing. We work with you to find the best solutions for your environment, your way of working and your personality. We can help with clutter control, time management, maximizing storage space or filing, and project management. We help you get it done, whatever your household needs or goals.

We start with a consultation to discuss what works and what doesn’t. At that time, we assess your priorities and find the place where you want to start. We don’t make judgments; we work with you and discuss how your environment needs to change. It is important for you to work with the organizer while systems are established so that you know how to keep things “Picture Perfect” in the future.

“A system, as it applies to organizing, is identifying what is important in your life and making it accessible. The warning light comes on when a space is so full nothing else can fit in it. That is the cue that that space needs attention.”

Charlotte Steill, CPO

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